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sara riobom faial island azores
Me feeling absurdly happy in Faial island.

Hello, world! Welcome to the Azores Islands, your best resource about the fantastic Portuguese archipelago.

My name is Sara Riobom, I am Portuguese and I hope my story with these islands will inspire you to come visit.

I am originally from Porto (and I have been writing about my city in Portoalities for many years now), and in the beginning 2022 I fell ill – very ill – with long Covid.

I spent months dealing with brain fog and fatigue (really: some days I couldn’t fry an egg on my own), exams and a prolonged medical leave. One day I decided that if I couldn’t work, I could at least be surrounded by nature. So I left my sunny city with a one way ticket to the Azores islands.

A couple of weeks of “taking it easy” turned into a lifelong love affair with the Azores. I stayed for months, visited each island multiple times and made fantastic friends. Life plan updated: I am currently in the process of buying a home there.

What I feel for the Azores islands is so intense and profound that I decided to express it as I know best. After many years of writing about Porto and the Douro Valley I set up a 100% new website dedicated to the archipelago. To Azores Islands was born.

Bullshit-free website about the Azores islands

On this website you will find the most complete, thoroughly researched and well-structured information not only about each Azorian island, but also about the archipelago in general.

Useful information like transportation, restaurants, best things to do, best time of the year to visit… you think it, and I have probably written about it!

Why you can trust me and the To Azores Island website

I despise bullshit. I am a writer, not a cheerleader. If I like it, I will write about it. If I don’t like it, I will probably also write about it. I want you to fall in love with the Azores islands, not repeat my mistakes. There are too many good things available for us to be wasting our money – and especially our time – on activities and restaurants that are mediocre.

I have never received and will never accept payment from local businesses to write about them. I will also never take down any information about where I see “room for improvement” unless the reality has changed and I’ve seen it for myself. This upsets some people, but amongst what I love there are things I don’t like in the Azores islands and I think that is ok.

Here you will find the good, the bad, the beautiful the ugly. Like when I wrote about the WORST hikes in São Miguel island. The Azores islands are getting better every year (every month!), and that couldn’t happen if they started at “perfect”. In any case, do share with me your own opinions :)

I am in a unique position to help you plan your trip to the Azores islands.

Because I am Portuguese, I understand better the local culture than a foreigner is likely to. I know the language, so I can communicate faster, make stronger local connections and have a better understanding of the situations I get myself into.

On the other hand, I am still a traveller learning about the Azores islands, just like you. Even though I have been in the Azores many times and regularly spend months on end there, I still remember the struggles when I was planning my first hikes in each island, the excitement of discovering really cool places and the joy of discovering a delicious new taste. So I can truly relate to you, and answer the questions about the Azores as you might have phrased them yourself.

So let’s dive together in the Azores culture – I hope you fall in love with this amazing Portuguese archipelago before you even buy your first ticket! :)


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