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best hotels terceira island
Best hotels in Terceira island
I already wrote an article about where to stay in Terceira island, detailed the advantages and the disadvantages of staying at each specific city / town in the island, but it was missing an overall list of the best hotels in Terceira island. Here it is - enjoy it! :) Angra do Heroísmo Angra do…
where stay terceira island azores
Where to stay in Terceira island
It is very important to discuss where to stain in Terceira island because it is the ONLY island in the Azores archipelago where the airport is not located in its main city. Therefore, I decided to write this article - I hope it proves useful to you! :) Angra do Heroísmo Angra do Heroísmo is…
best things to do terceira island azores
Best things to do in Terceira
Terceira is the second largest island in the Azores in terms of population and certainly in terms of number of tourists. It is a fantastic island (and the island where the best restaurants in the Azores are found, in my opinion), with lots of things to do, from whale watching, visiting a vulcano hollow, taking…
best restaurants terceira island azores
Best restaurants in Terceira island
Unlike some other Azores islands (like Pico island), there are some pretty good restaurants in Terceira island, where you can find terrific local dishes like Alcatra. So if you’re a foodie and already read my guide on what to eat in the Azores, save this list of the best restaurants in Terceira island and plan…

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